I might not have the “luck of the irish” playing the gatcha like some do (glares at Nishiyu) but even if you do not get the rare items on the first (or 3oth try) like me, you can create some yummy outfits. The outfit I am wearing in this picture is made by MaGmA and can be won at the Jackpot Gatcha event.


Aloriana is wearing : –

Shape       : Bellis!ma – Lya Tall
Body         : Maitreya – Lara mesh body
Head        : Lelutka – Stella mesh head
Skin         : Lumae – Niska Cinnamon
Eyes         : Adoness – lucus flesh
Hair         : Catwa – [RA] Silver Hair
Tattoo     : White Widow – Tesis
Anklet     : [MaGmA] – Gudgerd anklet @Jackpot Gatcha
Belt          : [MaGmA] – Gudgerd belt @Jackpot Gatcha
Collar      : [MaGmA] – Gudgerd collar @Jackpot Gatcha
Top          : [MaGmA] – Gudgerd top @Jackpot Gatcha
Veil          : [MaGmA] – Gudgerd veil @Jackpot Gatcha


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