Oh I love We ❤ to roleplay, Aloriana and I have loved this event since it’s inception and seem to race one another to go get goodies.  We have similar taste and often end up buying the same items which makes us laugh, yet on some things we have complete opposite tastes also.  Guess that is what makes this so much fun to blog together.  Today I am showcasing a few items from the event.  Zibska for me is a pioneer within Second life, Zib makes things that others wouldn’t dream of and that you can still wear because there are no limits in fashion within second life.  You don’t have to worry if that stunning headpiece is going to need ten million hair grips to hold it in place.  A huge thank you to Annie1111 for her tutorial on creating a tear, I had to adapt it for my gimp but I got there in the end.

cagedNishiyo is wearing: –

Mesh Body – Maitreya – Lara
Mesh Head – Catwa – Jessica
Skin – Pumec Dark Fairy – We RP
Eyes – Bite & Claw – Mesh Eyes – Glisten – Amethyst
Teeth Applier – The Skinnery – Teeth (Catwa Applier) – We RP
Headpiece – Zibska – Adra – We RP
Pose – Glamrus . Focus Cube – The Chapter Four


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