Snob? not me…..the darn flamingo is!

So here I am sitting on a beach minding my own business when some snobbish flamingo keeps prancing in front of me, flaunting its bright pink feathers (and I have to admit they do look pretty), bright pink feathers…mmm…perfect to go on a hat.

mmm pink feathers

I am sure that the flamingo did not miss its tailfeathers -that- much, there certainly was no reason for people to call PinkRayne that there was something wrong with her percious snobbish flamingo’s. Imagine the surprise on her face when she saw one flamingo with a featherless tail.

look a tailless flamingo

Ofcourse I had to act surprised as well, at least that one flamingo learned not to be so snobbish…but there is still a whole beach of them to go. (and I got a pink feathered stola to work on).

Aloriana is wearing:

Mesh body – Maitreya – Lara
Mesh Head – LeLutka – Stella
Shape – Belissima – Lya normal
Eyes –  IKON –  Triumph Emerald
Skin – DeeTaleZ – Freckles Mixedtype
Hair – Little Bones – Hello The Blondie – C88
Hat –  Poe’s Reflection Art Hat –
Dress – Rayne Couture – Snob blue – Penumbra 360
Boots – Pure Poison – Anne boots – C88


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