Naughty little faun!!

Naughty Little Faun

With  not enough fur to keep her warm, the little faun was freezing her spotted tail of, so what choice did she have really but to sneak into the frozen castle of the Ice Queen and “borrow” some of the Queens clothers. And she almost got away with it…..darn those security camera’s!

Aloriana is wearing:

Body – Beilssima – Lya Small
Skin – Pink Fuel – Harely Porcelain
Eyes – IKON – Triumph Coffee
Hair – Atomic – Devilish-Nightsky
Antlers – 1313 – Gatcha Faunling – Antlers w/Holly On the Boardwalk
Bracers – 1313 – Gatcha Faunling – Bracer On the Boardwalk
Collar –1313 – Gatcha Faunling – Collar (Red) On the Boardwalk
Ear – 1313 – Gatcha Faunling – Spotted Ear On the Boardwalk
Legs – 1313 – Gatcha Faunling – Spotted Leg Female On the Boardwalk
Tail – 1313 – Gatcha Faunling – Tail w/Spots On the Boardwalk
Tattoo – 1313 – Reindeer Faun Face Makeup On the Boardwalk
Tattoo – 1313 – Reindeer Faun Shoulder Makeup On the Boardwalk
Harness – 1313 – Ice Queen Harness On the Boardwalk
Panties – 1313 – Ice Queen Panties On the Boardwalk
Pasties – 1313 – Ice Queen Pasties On the Boardwalk
Skirt – 1313 – Ice Queen Skirt On the Boardwalk
Flogger – 1313 – Ice Queen’s Reindeer Punisher On the Boardwalk


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