Upcycling for Christmas

Christmas can be a pricey time, so it is, to me, the perfect time to upcycle/recycle some goodies to share amongst your friends and family.  Taking inspiration from some of these gorgeous upcycled furniture pieces from DaD Design.  Bathtub Sofa and Chair, which I adore, you have the option of three different colour schemes by clicking, the festive one you see, the muted earth tones shown in the blog a couple of days ago as well as a black and white theme.

Christmas upcycling.png

Scene: –

Shed – Clustered – Antique Shed – Wayward Market.
Fence –Clustered – Antique Garden Fence – Wayward Market.
Trees – HPMD – Garden Tree08 with Lights – snowy
Sofa – DaD Design – Vintage Tub Sofa All colors –  Adult
Armchair – DaD Design – Vintage Tub armchair All colors –  Adult
Ladder Shelf – DaD Design –Recycled ladder bookshelf – The Fantasy Collective
Door Light –Clustered. Cast Aside Collection. – Door light ‘floral’–  Cosmopolitan
Wooded slats – Clustered. Cast Aside Collection. Broken Window 1, 2 & 3 –  Cosmopolitan
Recycled tree –N4RS -Poor Man Xmas Tree
Watering can – Kalopsia – Watercan Tree
Parcel getting wrapped – Pilot – Gift Wrap



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